Human Resources Policy

Adopting the idea “The most significant company value is our people” as the main principle, our Human. Resources Policy aims to:

Create processes to fulfill each and every employee’s potential by embracing their diverse talents.
Support our employees with continuous training and development approach.
Ensure that our employee profile respects social values and ethics.
Emphasize anti-discrimination and equal opportunities in all our processes.


Selection and Recruitment

At KOROZO, the key recruitment approach is based on the idea of selecting “the right person for the right job”. All applications to KOROZO are considered confidential and evaluated by the criteria of competencies, qualities and skills required for the job.

A good educational background, high level of competencies, the ability to take initiative, being creative and adapting oneself to the company culture easily are significant criteria when recruiting the applicants. During the selection process, the applicants go through various interviews and testing based on the principle of equal opportunities.


At Korozo, training activities mainly focus on establishing a conscious corporate culture and ensuring that every employee is a part of this culture by complying with quality assurance guidelines in terms of hygiene, environment, health and occupational safety.

We believe that our industry leadership can only be maintained by self-improvement and motivation of our skilled workforce. Therefore, since the first day of our company’s foundation, we continue to invest in human resources, so they would add value to our company.

The major key of our success is based on our company culture. We have a dynamic structure; and our newly onboarding employees can easily blend and accommodate the company through extensive orientation programs. Simple and linear organizational structure supports all of the employees, encouraging them to take responsibility.


At Korozo, we give internship opportunities to high school and university students each year. The applications are made in person and evaluated through an interview process.

KOROZO Proposals System

With KOROZO Proposals System, we encourage our employees to propose better and more efficient processes for various tasks, thus taking a role in operational management and contributing to the improvement of existing processes.

Assessing all proposals, the system’s jury rewards the best ideas in order to increase workforce motivation. While the evaluation categories for submitted proposals focus on increasing financial outcomes, improving occupational health and safety, we are also offering special incentives to selected proposals. However, the awards are actually presented to the entire team in acknowledgement of their collaboration and collective effort. Afterwards, we partner with the employees and relevant departments to implement these proposals in all possible operational levels.